Heroes 1x11 Fallout

Previously on Heroes.

Ordinary people
across the globe

extraordinary abilities.

Niki's alter ego
sought revenge...

- Must really hate the guy.
- He took my son.

... and took the
ultimate retribution.

Peter set out on his mission...

I know when, and I know where
the cheerleader gets attacked.
I have to stop him.

... to save the Cheerleader.


By saving you,
did I save the world?

I don't know.
I'm just a cheerleader.

But he was taken
by the police...

Put your hands on your head!

It's not what you think, guys!
What are you do...

And Sylar was
finally captured...

You don't want to hurt me.
Go to sleep.


And Claire revealed a secret
that would change her life...

- You're lucky to be alive.
- It's not luck, Dad.

I have something I
have to tell you.

And now Heroes continues.




Are you mad at me?


You haven't said anything
since we got in the car.

Since I told you.


No, no, no, I just...

I've just been thinking.


Um... I have something
I need to tell you.

It's not fair to keep
it from you any longer.


What you can do...


I've known about you, Claire.

I knew before you knew.
Before you made those tapes with Zach.

You saw the tape?


- Why didn't you say anything?
- There are a lot of reasons.

But mostly,
I just wanted to protect you.

Protect me?
All this time, I've...

felt so alone,
and like some sort of freak.

- And you knew?
- I've worked very hard.

I've done some things that I am
not proud of to keep you safe.

What kinds of things?


I just wanted you to
have a normal life.


Jackie died because of me.


He thought she was me,
didn't he?

That man is taken care of.
I promise you.

You and mom knew all this time?

Your mother doesn't know.

Neither does your brother.

- Actually, Lyle kind of found out.
- Really?

- Did anybody else?
- Just Zach.


Nobody else can know.
It's the only way to keep you safe.

That man who tried to kill you,

there are others
out there like him.

Who want what you have and
will hurt you to get it.

That's why we can't tell your mother.
We can't tell anybody.

- Do you understand?
- Yeah.


I'm gonna pick Lyle up from practice,
and I'll talk to him.

You talk to Zach.
Any other tapes you've made...

I need you to destroy them.


The victim was a student:
Jacqueline Wilcox.

And the crime scene
fits Sylar's M.O.

He took her brain?


No, but the incision in her skull said
he wanted to, but somebody got in his way.

They have a suspect in custody,
a hospice nurse from New York.

- And you think he might be Sylar?
- No.

I think this is.


Judging by the blood patterns, I'd say
he stopped here to catch his breath,

and then just... disappeared.

You know what?
Maybe he didn't.

Look at this.


The tread pattern's totally different.
These are two new sets of footprints.

That's the fourth handful of those
you knocked down since...

I have headaches!


It's the whole Janice
thing, it's...

She slipped out, Parkman.
And it sucks, but it happens.

- You've never cheated on her?
- No.


- You don't believe me.
- Well, statistically speaking,

law enforcement attracts a
certain kind of male personality.

- Oh, what personality would that be?
- Dogs.

- And the female personality?
- Mmm, bitches.

We keep it in the
canine family.

Okay, so two new sets of footprints.
You think Sylar had accomplices?

With the amount of blood he lost,
there's no way he got out of here by himself.

So I guess we'll ask this...
Peter Petrelli.



What are you...
What are you doing here?

You get in trouble,
I drop everything and fix it.

Isn't that how things work?


- Get you out of here soon.
- What, no lecture?

I'm just glad
you're alive, man.

Why did you destroy
that painting?

Why did you try and keep
me from coming here?

The painting showed
you dead, Peter.

And when I got the phone call,
I nearly believed it for a minute.

- Yeah, I thought I'd be a hero.
- Yeah, heh.

How'd that work out for you?

Save the cheerleader,
save the world.


You're meant to do a
lot of things, Peter.

Saving the world
isn't one of them.

You gotta learn to recognize when
life is bigger than you are.

You're not a fighter. But that's okay.
The world needs nurses too.

When I'm around you,
I can do what you can do.

Isaac, Hiro Nakamura,
this girl Claire.

See, I think that we're
all the same somehow.

And this bomb that Isaac painted,
I think we're supposed to stop it.

But I just...


I don't think I can do it.


That's because you can't.


How can you stop what's coming?

When you don't know
anything about power?


1x11 Fallout




- Micah!
- Dad!


Stay down!


자막제작 - 네이트 드라마 24 자유제작

조건부 배포 / 수정금지
배포시 자막 출처를 꼭 밝혀주세요






What are you looking at?


- Anything?
- Slept through the night.


I got this.


You lost a lot of blood.

We sewed you up
the best we could.


Turns out you're not so
untouchable after all.


Oh, no.

No, you'll find your
abilities won't work. Not here.

- You're not going anywhere, Gabriel.
- My name is Sylar.

Now it is.

Wasn't so long ago that
you were Gabriel Gray.

An insignificant watchmaker.


I restored timepieces.


Do you know why I
was so good at it?

No, why don't you tell me.

Because I can see
how things work.

What makes things...
tick. Like you.

We're interested in how
things work as well.

Everyone else we've...
met has had only one ability.

- You've taken on several.
- I guess that's what makes me special.

That's important to you, isn't it?
Being special.

- It's important to everyone.
- I think you're insane.

I think the infusion of so many alterations
to your DNA has corrupted your mind.

- All this power is degrading you.
- And yet here I am, alive and well,

and as soon as I get out,I'm gonna
collect one more ability from your daughter.

- Sweet, innocent.
- That's enough.

- Ripe, indestructible.
- I said that's enough, Gabriel.

My name is Sylar!


Options? There are no options
with an individual like this.

Maybe I didn't make
the risk clear...


- Understood. Of course.
- Is it true?

You have to be a little
bit more specific, Eden.

I've got more than one
house on fire at the moment.

- We're keeping him alive.
- Those are our marching orders.

Think about what he
almost did to Claire.


I could tell him
to kill himself.


No one would have to know.


I don't have time for this.
Not today.

You know I'm right!
I know I'm right, and if that...

that Haitian could speak,
he'd tell you I'm right!


Micah, take that.

Here, take... That's it.


Walk back the way you came.

In the footsteps.
Come on.


- Oh. Like the Indians.
- Just like the Indians, son.


- That wasn't the police.
- You don't know that.

Dad, they've gotta warn you
before they shoot. It's a rule.

The police don't always follow
the rules, son. Trust me.


Give me a hand.


Right here. Okay.


Dad, are you gonna be okay?


I'm gonna be as good as new.

I just need you to help
me with these bandages.

- You can do that, right?
- Yeah.

Yeah? All right.


It was her, wasn't it?

It was Jessica.


It sure looked like your mom.


Mom would never hurt
you on purpose.


She just did, Micah.


A couple inches to
the left... and...



Dad, wake up!

Dad, you need to wake up!


Your brother's pretty
well connected.

Even down here.

We had to climb over six lawyers
to get to you, Mr. Petrelli.


Are you okay?

My head feels like
it's gonna split open.

Help yourself.


- I didn't kill that girl.
- We know.

The blood we found
on you was your own.

We checked you out,
and you don't seem to have any injuries.

Care to explain that?


If I'm not being charged,
can I go?

What's a hospice nurse from Manhattan
doing at a high school homecoming in Texas?

You some kind of pervert?


My brother said not to talk.


We don't need you to talk.


What are you doing to me?


"Save the cheerleader"?

Too late for that.
The cheerleader's dead.

Claire's dead?
No, that's not possible.

Did he just read her mind?
Is he one of them?

The cheerleader's name
was Jackie Wilcox.

- What the hell is going on...
- No, Claire is the one that he wanted.

- Claire?
- You're not protecting her?!

- Why would you know who he wanted?
- You wanna catch this guy?

You need to find her.
You need to protect her!


- He's telling the truth.
- Then we better find this cheerleader.

- You're not gonna let me out of here?
- You get out when I get answers.




Welcome Home! I knew you'd be back!
Now get back to work. Love Eden.


I faxed the list to your
Quantico office yesterday!

Names, addresses.
Why didn't you warn them?

Looking into it? At least six of
the people on this list are dead,

all of them from
the same killer.

James Walker in Los Angeles
was killed nine days ago.

Charlene Andrews two days ago,
Midland, Texas.

Doesn't this mean
anything to you people?

Well, do you really want
to take that chance?


Fine, I won't. Never mind.




You're sketching.


I am.


- And you're sober.
- The locks on the door help.

Anything interesting?

Nothing predictive,
if that's what you're asking.

I don't think I
can do it clean.

You'll get there.

To be honest, it's nice to be
drawing just to draw again.

That's what I liked about comics. You
don't have to take them too seriously.

Good guys catching bad guys?


Which reminds me... Claire.

The cheerleader... She's alive.


Peter? He saved her?

No, you did. With your gift.
I mean, thanks to you,

Sylar won't be able to
hurt anybody anymore.

This means we can change the future.
Maybe stop that bomb.

Well, I wish you
the best of luck. / What?

- Where you going?
- Off the reservation.

You're leaving?

Well, what good is painting the future
if no one will do anything to change it?


So change it.


I couldn't save Charlie.


And now the Cheerleader
is dead too.

"The earth is doomed?"

"Save the Cheerleader,
save the world"

We failed to save her,
so now we can't save the world.

No, no.

"Save the Cheerleader."
Then "Save the world."

- No, it's an "if, then" statement.
- How do you know?

I was the one who said it!

"Future you" doesn't
count as you!


Never mind.
Two people died.

If we don't continue
they died for nothing.

We will find a way.

We must.



Get back on mission.

Find Peter Petrelli.

Find the artist.

Stop the bomb.

Destiny hasn't forgotten us.


- Hello?
- Hiro?

- Hiro Nakamura?
- Yes?

- This is Isaac Mendez.
- Mr. Isaac?!

- Hiro... we need to meet.
- Who is it?



I wish...
Destiny would lose our number.

And then he grabbed her and...

and I tried to save her, but...
he was killing her, and...


She told me to run, so I ran.


I left her and I ran.

I'm sorry, Claire.
I know you've been through a lot.

I just have a few
more questions.


This man...

Did he exhibit anything
out of the ordinary?


You mean besides
killing my friend?


No, like being able to fall five stories
and walk away without a scratch.


Well, you said Petrelli tackled
the man who killed Jackie,

and they both fell over the ledge.
That's a pretty long fall.


- Is Peter okay?
- He survived... without a scratch.


- How do you think he did that?
- All I know is he saved my life.

He's a very lucky guy.

You didn't seem to get
hurt at all, either.


Guess I'm lucky too.

We found some of your
blood at the crime scene.

Look, I've told you
everything I know, okay?

Do you have what you need,
Agent Hanson?


Yes... of course.

Thank you both very
much for your time.

Wait, can I talk to Peter?


- Excuse me.
- Yes?

Mr. Bennet, I just want to let you know

that we're doing everything in our power
to, uh, to get this guy.

Well, I appreciate that, Mr...

Uh, Parkman.
Uh, Officer Matt Parkman.

I really appreciate that,
Officer Parkman. Thank you.


You don't have to be a mind reader
to know she's hiding something.

- What is it?
- I didn't get anything.


I mean, I...
there was this distinct...

- absence of sound.
- You mean silence?

No, it was more like a static
interfering with my...


- Whatever the hell this thing is.
- That's a new one.

No, it's not, actually.
I've heard this before.

Once, when I went to that bar.

It's the last thing that I heard,

or didn't hear, before I lost a day.




Did she...


Did I...




Get up!


- What did you do?
- What I had to do to get Micah back.


If you cared about Micah,
you wouldn't have taken those shots.

- You could have missed.
- I don't miss.

- You saw DL's jacket.
- DL's Micah's father.

DL is a criminal.

He brought danger
into our home.

- You want Micah to end up like that?
- You're wrong about him.


- You're out of control.
- What do you know about control, Niki?

You're part of me.


- You do what I say.
- It doesn't work like that.

- Not anymore.
- Why are you doing this?

- Because you're not strong enough.
- Mom!

- Micah!
- Mom, is that you?




- You're okay.
- Thanks to you.

Mr. Petrelli,
I'm Claire's father.

- Hi.
- You saved my little girl.

I owe you my life.

I was just in the right place.

Maybe one day I'll be in the right
place and can return the favor.


- Are you feeling all right?
- Yeah. Fine.

Hey, Dad, can you wait outside?


Of course.


How long have you known?


Known what?


That you're like me.


You would have died
if you couldn't...


Wait, do you...


Do you heal? Is that it?


All this time,
I thought it was just me.


Now there's you.


Is that why you came for me?
Is that why you...asked me if I was the one?

No, I just...
I knew I had to save you.


- Why?
- To save the world.


- What do I have to do with the world?
- I don't know.



I do know that I don't think I
would be here if it wasn't for you.

I think I died.

I've died before.
It's no big deal.


I'm not like you, Claire. I...


This, uh...


This healing thing is
kind of new for me.

Wait... you didn't know that you were
gonna heal when you dove off
the building?



That's kinda stupid, huh?


No, it's not.


You're totally my hero.




Mom? Mom, is that you?



- Dad's hurt.
- Where is he?

In there. He's bleeding... bad.


Stop fighting!

- Stop fighting!
- It's for your own good!






Are you okay, son?




Stay away from him!


It's me, baby.


Mom, is that you?

It's me.


I am so sorry.


I'm so sorry.


- Hey.
- Hey.

So what have people
been saying?

Well, the official word is that
somebody got killed in the high school.

But everybody knows it's Jackie. I got,
like, four text messages this morning.

- Did you bring the tapes?
- Oh, yeah.


There wasn't that
much to bring...


That's pretty destroyed, right?

Yeah, I don't think
they're gonna play again.

Look... I feel really bad.

About breaking you out and pushing you
to go to homecoming last night. I'm sorry.

You shouldn't feel bad.

You did it because
you're my friend.


Probably the best
friend I've ever had.

You know, I've only been
your friend for two weeks.

Hey, I didn't say
it wasn't pathetic.


- You know, you could have been killed.
- I know.


Look, I gotta go.
My dad just wanted to...

make sure that you weren't
gonna say anything to anyone.

- Of course. Cross my heart.
- Thanks, Zach.


- Hiro Nakamura, I presume.
- Mr. Isaac?


This hasn't even gone
to the printer yet.

It's... it's incredible.

You really went to the future.


- Jumping through time, I mean...
- And space.


Your power very strong too.

I'm not so sure about that.

I can only do it
when I'm chasing.

Uh, stoned. On drugs.

Uh... What else did
you see there... then?

Oh, um... I saw the bomb.

It exploded the city and
destroyed many things.

And I saw you.


What about me?


I saw you on the floor.

You were dead.
With your head... cut... off.




The man who cuts off heads...
he's taken care of.


- He's caught?
- That is very good news.

Hiro lost a friend.
The brain man killed her.


Wait a minute.


I painted this two
days ago... sober.

- Is this your friend?
- Yes.


I did it.

You say your mission is to
stop the bomb. In New York.

- Yes, uh... our destiny.
- I think it may be mine too.


I painted that
mural on my floor.

And very recently,
I painted a picture of...


a man exploding.

How do you stop
an exploding man?






Mom's at the store and
I don't know where dad is


- Did dad talk to you?
- About what?

About me

He knows and
and he knows that you know


My things?


That I can't get hurt


- That didn't hurt?
- Lyle, I'm serious.


Now tell me what
Dad said to you.

I haven't seen Dad all day.

He was supposed to pick
you up from practice.

Well, he didn't.

Well, how'd you get home?


Lyle. How did you get home?


I-I don't remember.


- I can get you some help, Nik.
- You don't understand.

There are doctors that can help
with situations like this.

- D, she's stronger than me.
- I don't believe that for a second.

You've seen what she can do!


How do you explain that?

There are a lot of things
that I can't explain.

- Like why you shot me.
- Jessica shot you.


And she's gonna come
back and take Micah.


She's out of control.
She could really hurt him, even...


I can't be trusted.






- You all right?
- Yeah, I'm okay.

Come on.

Gonna get you to a hotel.

We gonna get you cleaned up,
all right?

Nik, we're gonna
go to a hotel...




- Can I help you, ma'am?
- Yeah, you can arrest me.

Arrest you? For what?



Really, Parkman.

Since when does absence of
noise warrant a stakeout?

You always say I don't
take you anywhere.

Well, you sure know
how to spoil a girl.

Eat your tex-mex.

Gotta say, he can be cute.

Oh, God, did he just hear that?
Did you just read my mind?


You can't do that.

It was a stray thought, I...

You can't do that.


You really think I'm,
uh... cute?

I really think you're married.

- And I really think you love your wife.
- I do.

Then why haven't you called
to yell at her,

so you can go home already?

That's what you want, isn't it?

I don't wanna be a chump.

So still loving your wife after she has
sex with someone else makes you a chump?

- Doesn't it?
- Grow up, Parkman.

If you want your marriage to work,
you have to find a way to make it work.

Otherwise, you are
kind of a chump.


Cheerleader's dad, 9:00.


That guy that's with him.
I know that guy.

- From where?
- He was at the bar...

the night I first
heard that static.

But how do you know?
I thought you lost that whole day.


Matt, maybe we should
get out of here.

Hold it,
I'm just trying to get... something.


- I was only able to get one word.
- What?



All right, Claire, I'm here.
What's the emergency?

Something's going on.

It's like The Stepford Body
Snatchers or something.

My brother doesn't
remember anything.

What I can do, nothing.

It's like they made him forget.


All right, so this is another one of
your little cheerleader initiation pranks.

Is that it? Hmm, is it?

Zach, are you listening to me?
Something is going on!

What is your damage?

Look, you haven't talked to me since sixth grade,
and now you call me out of the blue?

What is this about?


They got to you too.

Are you on crystal meth or something?
'Cause this is really cracky behavior.




You see yourself as some sort
of humanitarian, don't you?


A do-gooder, a hero. Kidnapping
men and women who are different.

Does that make
you feel powerful?


We're quite alike, you know.

You collect special people.


So do I.


We're gonna take
you apart, Gabriel.


Like one of your little watches.
Sorry... timepieces.

And we're gonna find out
exactly what makes you...


I don't think I can do this.


Yes, you can. Concentrate.


- Hello?
- Tell me you remember.


Y-you remember what I told you?

Last night. Don't you?

You remember what
we talked about?

Of course I do.
What's going on?

You said that there were
people who wanted to hurt me.

I think they got
to Zach and Lyle.

They don't remember anything.

It's like it never happened.

I don't know what to do.

- Where are you?
- I'm at home.

Where's Mom?


- Where's... where's Lyle?
- Just stay where you are.

I'll be right there.
I love you, Claire.

- You're gonna be okay.
- Okay.


No! No! No!


I work for your father.

He sent me here to
make you forget.

Like he sent me to your friend.
And your brother.

And to your mother
so many times.

He'll be here soon,expecting that...
you won't remember anything.

But it is very
important that you do.

Tell me, Claire.


Can you keep... a secret?


What will we do once
he paints something?


Maybe we should make
sure he is okay.


I thought he only
paint the future...


Oh no!
What if I step on a bug?

- I could change history...
- Change history?

You're gonna die!


I really need to
find that sword...


- Hello?
- Mohinder?

- It's me.
- Eden.

Look, I'm not who
you think I am.

I lied to you,
and I'm really sorry.

And I'm gonna explain
it all to you soon.

Wh-where are you?
What's going on?

First, I need to
make things right.


Starting with killing the
man who murdered your father.


Eden, wait, I...


I do know you, don't I?


I live next door
to Chandra Suresh.


That wonderful ability.


The power of persuasion, and this whole time,
you were the girl next door.

I'm gonna take this gun,

and I'm gonna put it in that slot.
You're gonna take it,

and you're gonna blow
your brains out.

You knew, didn't you?


You knew what I was,
and you let it continue.

In a way, you helped me.

And after I've consumed your power,
you'll help me even more.


Oh, Eden,
you know that won't hurt me.


- What are you doing here, Nathan?
- Let's go.

Aren't you gonna
ask what happened?

I know what happened.
You got yourself in trouble.

- You nearly got yourself killed.
- No, I saved a girl.

Had to be a hero, didn't you?

- Got it out of your system now?
- I finally get it now, Nathan.

I have these dreams,

and when I'm around
someone with an ability,

- I can do what they can do.
- You look like hell.

And I was with that girl and that guy
that was trying to kill that girl.

And this cop,
I think he was reading my mind.

- They were all like us.
- Dysfunctional?

No, they...

Nathan, I have to stop that bomb.
I have to save everybody.

Right now,
I'd settle for you walking straight.

Peter? Peter!




자막제작 - 네이트 드라마 24 자유제작


Easy. Easy.

It's all right. It's all right.

- It's all right.
- It's all my... fault.


The explosion.


What are you talking about?


It's me.


Breathe. Breathe.

Peter! Peter! Peter!

조건부 배포 / 수정금지
배포시 자막 출처를 꼭 밝혀주세요