Heroes 1x02 Don't Look Back

Previously on HEROES

Five strangers across the globe

began to discover that
they have extraordinary abilities

From the cheerleader who realized
that she's invincible

I have busted like every bone in my body

I don't have a scratch on me.

to the office worker who
can bend the space and time

these strangers are dicovering

they were meant for something more

Do you ever get the feeling like you
were meant to do something extraordinary?

and as a son seeks the truth by
finishing his father's work

You know I spoke
to him 2 days ago.

He was this close to
finding the first of them.


he's forced to run from
a man surrounded in mystery

he left everything
behind but his computer.

a man who's more connected than anyone would imagine

Hi, daddy!

Hey, baby!

and now HEROES continues


We all imagine ourselves
the agents of our destiny,

capable of determining
our own fate.

But have we truly any choice
in when we rise?

Or when we fall?

Or does a force larger than ourselves
bid us our direction?

Is it evolution
that takes us by the hand?

Does science point our way?

Or is it God
who intervenes,

keeping us safe?


- Easy, buddy.
- Where am I?

You're in a hospital.

What happened?


You don't remember?



Mid-Town, Manhattan

You jumped, Pete.


- Jumped?
- Yeah.

Off the roof
of a 15-story building.


You tried to kill yourself.


You were a little wound up

But I thought
you were just being you.


What are you talking about?
I didn't...

I didn't
try to kill myself.

You were
in the alley below.

I jumped, and...

then you...


You flew.


I what?

You flew up
and you caught me.

You jumped...Peter.


25 feet to a fire escape.


I climbed up
and carried you down.

That's what happened.


The rest
is just crazy talk.

You understand?



you mind if I talk to you
about something?



- You pregnant?
- What? No.

- You doing drugs?
- Dad!


I already know
what it's about.

You do?

It's about wanting
to know who you really are.

Your mother told me that you've
been asking about your birth parents.

Well, I think it's time
that I knew.

Well, I have a few questions first.
Not the least of which is why now?

I'm just wondering,
that's all.

You know, what they're like,
what they can do.

- What they can do?
- Yeah, like hobbies and...



You know, I don't...
mean this to be condescending.

Even though you're gonna
say I'm being condescending.

But I really do believe
that this is an adult decision.

You're right.
That is condescending.

Claire, there
are gonna be issues.

You're going to have issues.
They're going to have issues.

It's very complex,

Yeah, well, so am I.

Well, exactly.


Look, here's my advice,
if you'll indulge me.

Just...keep things light and fun
as long as you can.

Like cheerleading.

Being a cheerleader is hard work.
Hard, treacherous work.

Of course it is,

I don't wanna be late.


I just don't want you
to be in such a hurry to grow up, okay?

Trust me.

I actually
know a few things.


brooklyn NY


- Who are you?!
- Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Sorry, sorry!
Easy, easy.

Your super let us in.

We're doing
the whole building today.

I just got done with the lady with
the dog and the cough.

Almost done here.

Uh, listen, it looks like some cockroaches
might have infested your, uh,



Who are you?!
What did you do to my father?


Let's take a little breather,
huh, professor?

I suppose the cockroaches
are the least of my problems.

Yeah, no argument there.

Did you kill my father?

I think
we're done here, don't you?

So I'll tell you what.

Have a really great day.


Hey, look, I'm just
the exterminator.

This guy came in
and pulled a gun on me.

He is not
an exterminator.

He's paranoid.

I was just in there
spraying bugs in his apartment.

He came in and freaked out.

If you're
the exterminator,

why do you have
a gun holster?


Thanks for coming
to my rescue.

You're welcome.

Mohinder Suresh.


The professor's son.





Times Square, NEW YORK



Hello, New York!

Nice to meet you.

I love New York!


What's up?

Britney Spears.

Go, Yankees!


9th worders
[i did it]


Hey! Pal!

This isn't a library.


No pay, no read.

Uh, uh, touchy, touch--


Hey, get back here!

[shouting in Japanese]


1x02 Don't Look Back


자막제작 - 네이트 드라마 24 자유제작

조건부 배포 / 수정금지
배포시 자막 출처를 꼭 밝혀주세요






Then I can Teleport myself anywhere
on the plant / Like Star Trek


Fine, stay here, Be like everyone else
I want to boldy go where no man has gone before

That's right, You're Special
You're "SUPER HIRO!"


You're Super Hiro!




isaac mendez,simone deveaux
lower manhattan

Shh, you had a hard night.
isaac mendez,simone deveaux
lower manhattan

I saw it.

I saw it.
santiago cabrera

There was a...bright light.
santiago cabrera

Like an explosion.

It wiped out
the whole city.

- Like Hiroshima--
- Shh, shh, shh,

it's okay.
It was all a dream.

No...I don't think so.

- Yes.
- I shot up last night. I had to.

Yes./ I painted what I saw.
Is it there?

- Do you see it?
- Yes, I see it!

But you need to rest.

We have to warn them.

Uh! Warn who?

F.B.I.,Homeland Security.
We need to tell someone.

Isaac, you can't
paint the future.

No one will believe you.

I'd hoped you would.

None of it is real.

What is real is,
you got a drug problem.

You overdosed
on heroin last night.

You're lucky to be alive.

You know,
I'm watching my father die.


And I can't
watch you die too.

So you need
to make a choice.

Me or this.


It's not about
having big hands.

Most guy's hands are too rough
to pick outthe details.

Mine are sensitive.

Feel how soft they are.


But you've got
dainty hands.


My mom says my hands
are very dainty.


Maybe I should try out
for the football team.

Claire, may I borrow your ears
just for a minute? / Why?

Hey, Zach!

Is it true you got an erection
in the boys' locker room?

- It's really urgent--
- Not now.Not now.


Claire, Jackie.

The sheriff and some firemen
would like to have a word with you two.


- Okay.
- Okay.


Hi, this is Niki.
Leave me a message.


Mom...are you there?

When are you
coming to get me?

I hate it here.

You said you'd be back soon.
Just come pick me up, okay?




Honey, I'm so sorry.
I'm on my way.

Baby, I'm only five minutes
away, okay?

You know I love you.


Come on.


That's the way I like it.

Go ahead, go ahead.

Come on.

What's the problem, baby?
Things just started getting good here.

I said what's the problem?


Screw you.


- Hello?
- Mom

where have you been?
I called you, like,four hours ago.


- Four hours?
- Yeah.

I'll be right there, baby.


What is the matter with you,
making him wait like that?

I'm sorry.
Hon, two seconds.



What the hell
is going on, Niki?

Something terrible
has happened.

What is it?

Those guys that you said that Linderman
would send to get his money back.../Yeah?

Well, he did.


And now they're dead.
On the floor of my garage.



That's just it.

I don't know.

What do you mean
you don't know?

I mean I don't know.

I just--I woke up,
and they were dead and...

I think that I might...


Sometimes I look
in the mirror...

and I'm not sure
it's me that I'm seeing.

Maybe it was DL,
you know?

He's trying to protect you
because he still loves you and Micah.

DL wouldn't risk coming back.
The cops are after him.

And once Linderman
finds out they're dead,

it's not gonna matter
who killed them.

He's gonna come after me.

Then you need
to listen to me.

Niki, you have
to call the police.

No, I gotta...


I gotta cover my tracks.

And then I gotta run.

I gotta go.


Why would anybody
wanna tap Papa Saresh's phone?

Papa Saresh?

Yeah, he told me to call him that
after I butchered his name a couple times.

I don't know why someone
would want to tap his phone.

Back in Madras, I found
a man in his apartment

| stealing his research,
and now this.

Why don't you just
ask your dad?

I mean, he must have
some idea who it is.

My father died
four days ago.


I'm sorry, I...

You didn't know?

He was murdered
in his cab.

Oh, my God.
How awful.

You were close?

Yeah...I mean,
I hate cooking for one.

So I used to make extra
and bring it over,

and we would...
eat together,

and he'd tell me about
his theories and the map.


We were friends.


Well...then you were
closer to him than I was.

I'm happy to hear he had
someone to talk to.

I'll get you some water.

I had no idea
anything was wrong.


I knocked on the door
a couple of times.

I just...I thought he was out,
and we were missing each other.

I had this book
I wanted to show him.

What book?

Darwin's Origin of Species.
Thank you.

It's a true
first edition.

I work at this antique
book store,

and I found a copy,
and I just...

thought he'd get
a kick out of reading it.

Well, he most definitely would
have gotten a kick out of it.

That's very thoughtful.

You know, he told me
he was being watched.

I thought that
he was just eccentric.

I like that you didn't
use the word "paranoid."

Do you think that
they're watching you now?

They could have killed me,
if that's what they wanted.

For the time being,

it seems I'm more
important to them alive.

You said that he talked to you
about his theories and the map.

I need you to tell me
everything he said to you.

Everything you remember.




This isn't a...
criminal investigation.

Nobody here
is in any kind of trouble.

Quite the contrary.

There just happens to be a very grateful man
lying in the hospital

who'd like to thank one of you for...
saving his life yesterday.

I've never seen anyone so
reluctant to be called a hero.

You're sure it was
one of our cheerleaders?

The uniform said
Union Wells High.

I'd have to say it was...


her on the end.


That's Claire Bennett.

Claire...where'd you go yesterday after
cheerleading practice?


I, uh...

It wasn't her.

It was me.

I was taking a shortcut
home from school,


I saw the wreckage

of the train...



I just had to help.

Why didn't you say something?

I guess I didn't want
all the attention, you know?

That's not why I did it.

Well, on behalf of
the Odessa Fire Department,

I'd like to congratulate you
as an honorary firefighter.


Thank you.

How is he?


The man Jackie
pulled out of the train.

He's got
some pretty bad burns.

Smoke damage to his lungs,

but...he's alive.

Happy to be so.


Thanks to Jackie.



I'm glad I finally got you alone.
Look, we have to talk.

Did you hear they asked Jackie to be
the Grand Marshall of the Pioneer Day Parade?

They're gonna put her
on the top of the fire truck.

They should put her
under the fire truck.

It's about the videotape.

- What?
- The videotape!

The tape where you're, like,
killing yourself like 20 times.

Oh, yeah, that.
Can we just keep it under wraps?

That's what
I'm trying to tell you.

It was in my backpack,
and now it's not.


It's gone.

What do you mean,
it's gone?


Oh, my God! Claire!

I'm so sorry.
Are you all right?

Yeah. I'm okay.

I'm all right.


You just
caught me off guard.

I thought I heard
something snap.


I'm okay!

I'm fine!


All right, that's it!
Show's over!

Yeah, not a scratch on me.

Guess you're not
so dainty after all.

I'm dainty enough.


We have got
to find that tape.


What if I don't want
to go on vacation?

You don't have a choice.
You have to.

Why are we
doing this, Mom?

Why won't you just
tell me what's going on?


I wish that I could, baby.

But you are just gonna
have to trust me, okay?

Now go in
and pack up your stuff.

I have to take care
of something in the garage.



What happened
to our house?

Mikey, you're just gonna
have to trust me, okay?

Now go in
and grab some stuff.



in the trunk follow the map


Help me understand
what you were doing on that roof.

I can't. Not yet.
But I will.

You just have to trust me.


There's something you need to know
about your father's death.

He committed suicide.


He committed suicide.

I found him on
the floor of the bathroom.

You said he had
a heart attack.

I lied.

For his reputation,
his heart was fine.

But he'd had
two others before that.

Well, I lied
about those too.

Suicide attempts,
both of them.

He finally
got what he wanted.


When he was 23, he was diagnosed
with major depressive disorder.

He couldn't help it.
It was just who he was.

Why didn't I know about
any of this before?

Your father and I
decided not to tell you

since the disorder can have a genetic link,
and you were always so sensitive.

We didn't want you
to worry about it.

But you're telling me now.


It can start
with delusions of grandeur.

Thinking you're invincible
or indestructible.

They are irrational thoughts
that then turn suicidal.

It's time you took
a hard look at your life.

And if there are changes
to be made,

I want to be here
to help you.


Because there's something else
I never told you.


Come here.


You were always
my favorite.

I cannot lose you.


Mr. Isaac Mendez?



Mr. Isaac?


Mr. Isaac?


Mr. Isaac?



Drop your weapon.


Get your damn hands up.


Serial killer strikes in the middle of
Los Angeles, abducts a little girl,and here I am.

100 feet away. Might as well be in Siberia
Los Angeles

That's all right.
Los Angeles

They don't pay us enough
to be where the action is.

What are you gonna do, anyway?

What do you mean?
I just wanna help.

You wanna help?
Help me get more tape.


What do you think--
C.I.A. or F.B.I.?

Nah, she's dressed
too nice for F.B.I.

I saw the test scores
got posted this morning.


Don't worry about it, man.
Not everybody's a test taker.

Who wants to be
a detective, anyway?

Gotta spend half your salary
buying suits.

Please don't hurt me

Nine of out ten of these guys.He stole them.
won't live to see their pension plan.

Please don't hurt me.

Please don't hurt me.

You all right, man?


My back is killing me.

Please don't hurt me.

There's a bullet out there
with my name on it.

Your ass is on the line.



Please don't hurt me.


You know, we don't have any idea
what happened in here.

- I've got a theory.
- You always do.

This is Barstow
all over again.

It's Sylar.

There isn't a Sylar.

Last words of a dying victim.
It didn't mean anything.

And look at her.

Must have taken three guys
to lift her up that high.

What about the daughter?
No sign.

We checked the house and surrounding,
issued an Amber Alert.

You've seen what happened
to the father.

Frozen solid,
skull sawed off.

We need to find out how.

The little girl's
the priority.


Please don't hurt me.

Please don't--
Please don't hurt me.



You are not supposed
to be in here.


Please...please don't hurt me.

Please don't hurt me.


It's okay.

It's okay.
You're safe now.


Look, I'm a cop.
I'm one of the good guys, okay?

He hurt my mom and dad.
Please don't hurt me.

I'm not gonna
let anybody hurt you.

No, no, no.
Come on, take my hand.

It's okay, come on.

It's okay.

Come on.

For years, he'd been working
on a mathematical theorem

using human genomes
and DNA migration patterns.

He thought he could find a way to identify
these people, the ones who were special.

I never believed
it was possible.

We fought about it

It's the reason
we grew apart.


You've reached Chandra Saresh.
Please leave a message


He's got messages.


Chandra, this is Emi.

You forgot to turn in
your trip sheet for last week.

Where is your head, man?

- Oh, my God, Mohinder.
- Yes?

No...the other Mohinder.
The lizard.

He's gotta be around here somewhere.

Hi, I'm Nathan Petrelli.

It would be an honor to represent
New York's 14th district.

When the time comes,
vote Petrelli.

Hello, Chandra.

Why won't you talk to me?

You can't leave me like this.

Hello, Mr. Sylar.

I asked you not
to call here anymore.

The hunger, it's--
I can't control it.

I don't want to.

You made me this way.

I made you a murderer?

You helped me
to discover my potential.

You wanted to see what
I could do as much as I did.

And now you want it to stop.

It's over. Goodbye.


I found a tape of a conversation
my father had with a man names Sylar.

A man he believed
was Patient Zero.


Come here, you.

this is Mohinder.

You wanna give him a kiss?


What is it?

It's a portable
hard drive.


My God, he did it.

He actually came up
with a way to find them.

You wondered why someone
would want to kill my father.

The reason for his death.
It's this!


I'm going to finish
what he started.


Hey, Parkman.

How the hell did you know
that little girl was in there?

I don't know.

I don't know, I just--
I heard her whispering, and, um...

House full of cops,
but you're outside,

and you just heard her whisper?


I can't explain it.
It was...

I thought everybody
could hear her.

You guys couldn't hear her?

You got someplace
better to be?


It's my wife.
I'm, uh...

I'm meeting her at a...
a therapy session.

Couples counseling.

We're having
some problems at home.


This guy's worthless.


Cut him loose.
He got lucky.


Not yet, Parkman.


Your captain says you've taken the exam
to advance to detective three times?


You really think
you're detective material?

Yes, ma'am, I do.

So how does it
make you feel?

Flunking out
so many times.


I don't know.
Embarrassed, I guess.

A little angry.

- A little angry?
- Yeah.

Angry enough
to do something about it?

Maybe set yourself up
to look like a hero?

Wait, what, you think
I killed these people?

I didn't kill these people.
Sylar did.

How did you know that name?

How did you
know that name?


Six people assigned to this case
know the name of Sylar.

How the hell
did you know that?


I heard it.

From you.

Like you heard the girl whisper.


Then hear this one.

You're under arrest.

What? Ow!


- Claire Bear!
- Hi, Dad.

How was school?

Very school-like.
How was work?

Very work-like.

Listen, I, um...

I made
a couple of calls today.


I spoke to a very nice woman
at the adoption agency.

And she said they were going
to try to get in touch...

with your birth parents.

And, uh...

and request a meeting.

I thought that
was an adult decision.

You seemed pretty adult
this morning

when you told me
you wanted to do it.


She said it was
a lengthy process.

And it could take weeks.

I'm hoping...years.

That way, you'll be
my little girl for a while longer.


I'm not done protecting you
from the world.

You're my dad.

You'll never not be my dad.

I promise I'll...

be your little girl
for as long as I can.


But you can't
protect me forever.

I know.

And it breaks my heart.


I love you, Dad.

I love you too, sweetheart.


Go get ready
for dinner.


This is Claire Bennett.

And that was
attempt number six.

It really does
break my heart.


I've been looking
all over for you.

Did you know about
Dad's depression?




Why didn't you ever tell me?

Because everyone's entitled
to their secrets, Peter.


I was so sure when it happened.
Now it turns out I'm just...going crazy.

Look, hey...
We've been through this before.

We've played this game, okay?


Let's just...
let's just go.

Tell me what happened,


When I jumped.
Tell me you flew.


I wanna hear you say
that you flew.


Tell me,
or I'll jump again.


Hey, good luck
on your campaign...

when I'm splattered
all over the ground below.


All right.


You want the truth?



We both flew.


I caught you,
and I lost control.

You're too heavy.
We both started falling to the ground.

And just before we--


Just before we hit,
you flew.



Are you lying to me?


You are.

You're trying to tell me
what you think

I wanna hear.
You're lying to me again!


Did you see that?

Did you see that?
I flew?

Yeah, I--I know.


You're one sick son of a bitch,
you know that?

Very sorry.

I not speak much English.

What I wanna know is what did
you do with the man's brain?

You flush it down the toilet,
you eat it, what?

We got a live one here.

No English, no passport,
no American money, no I.D.

Except for this here.

"An honorary member of the Merry Marvel
Marching Society."

Let's start by asking him
how he got to New York.

[speaking Japanese]

[speaking Japanese]

He says he teleported himself here.

What the hell is that?

Like Star Trek.

He says he can bend
the space-time continuum.

Funny, I've seen all the Star Treks.

I don't remember you
from the show.

How long ago did he do this?

[speaking Japanese]



If you let me make a phone call

my English speaking friend wiil
clear everthinf up


[speaking Japanese]

[Hiro speaking Japanese]


[speaking Japanese]

New York!


[speaking Japanese]

Your friend says he was
with you yesterday.


That's not correct?

I have not seen Hiro Nakamura
in five weeks.

We look for him everywhere.

His buddy hasn't
seen him for five weeks.

your friend says he hasn't seen you
in five weeks


October 2?

October 2?
No, pal.



November 8th.






자막제작 - 네이트 드라마 24 자유제작


For all his bluster,

it is the sad
province of Man

that he cannot
choose his triumph.

He can only choose
how he will stand

when the call of destiny

Hoping that he'll have
the courage to answer.

조건부 배포 / 수정금지
배포시 자막 출처를 꼭 밝혀주세요