Heroes 1x07 Nothing to Hide

Previously on Heroes.


Ordinary people
across the globe

discover they have
extraordinary abilities.

The cheerleader searches her
birth-parents for answers.

She has your mouth and your nose,
doesn't she?

- But was it real?
- I think that went pretty well.

- If there's anything else you need...
- I'll keep you posted.

The cop who reads thoughts used
his abilities to save his marriage.

Everything I could think of...
You thought of first.


The single mother's outter-ego
revealed a deadly secret.

What do you think D.L. is gonna do
when he finds out what we've done?

- What we've done?
- We framed him.

And in a battle
with her husband...

- I'm taking the money.
- You're not taking anything.


...lost her son.


The brother who could fly fell in love
with his patient's daughter...

- Everyone runs into each other sooner or later.
- Maybe it'll be sooner.

...and is still
uncertain of his powers.

And now, Heroes continues.


M-Core's holding steady,
but Yamagato

Yamagato is down to 215 and an 1/8.

- I think that's a good bargain.
- Oh, really?

And what do you know?

- You saying I couldn't pick a stock?
- Ah, Darwinian.

Look at your sorry ass.

Barely able to
make minimum wage.

Now you look at me

living in a penthouse.
Central Park West.

Correction. It's dying in
a penthouse in Central Park West.


Right you are, my boy.

Right you are.

Teach you to mess with me.
Take a breath.

In the end,
all that matters is love.


I love you, Peter.

I love you too, Charles.

You speak your mind.

You know who you are.
You know what you want.

That's your power.
That's your strength.

Mind if I let you in on
a little secret, Charles?

You can say anything to me,
you know that.


I can fly.



Well, if you can fly,
then show me.


All right.


Watch this.


자막제작 - 네이트 드라마 24 자유제작

조건부 배포 / 수정금지
배포시 자막 출처를 꼭 밝혀주세요





What's wrong? Come in.


It's my dad.

That's so weird. I was
just having a dream about him.

He passed away
about an hour ago.


I really needed to see you.



You know,
I get that you're sort of socially slow,

but you know you're supposed to
call someone before you come over.

This you're gonna want
to hear right away.

- I found the tape.
- What tape?

The tape of you trying to kill
yourself 20 times. I found it.

Look, I was looking for my PSP under
my bed, right? And there it was.

You're safe.


I thought this was
supposed to be good news.

Well, I can't believe you
had it this entire time!

Why didn't you look there before?

I did.
I tore the whole room apart.

I must've checked the bed,
like, 50 times.


Good morning, Mrs. Bennet.

Good morning, dog.


How are you, Zachary?

I'm all right.
Claire keeps punching me, though.


Your dad's plane's gonna be late.
I won't be home until 8:00 or so.

I am trusting you to
hold down the fort.

Because Lyle never
listens to me.

Well, he will
listen to you today

because he knows what a big
day it is for Mr. Muggles.

Thank you.
And he doesn't want to stress us out.

- Whew, does he?
- Sure.

Will you two help
me out to the car?

Your dad left on the
sprinklers last night.

And I don't want to
get his paws all soggy.


Here we go.

Wish Mr. Muggles good luck.










Help me.


1x07 Nothing to Hide




Now, things have been really good between us

these last couple days.
Don't you think?

I know. I like it.


I just... I feel like we've been
really honest with each other.


- And that's good, right?
- Yeah.


There's something that we need to talk about.
Something that I discovered.

I thought I'd been so careful.


Well, what?
What is it?

I don't...

Oh, God, he knows.


What did you want to say?


It can wait, actually.
I gotta...

I gotta get to work.




I was knocking, like, forever.

What is it?




DL came back.


He... He took him.


I tried to protect my son.


But I couldn't.


I failed him.


Landlord said Isaac's gone.

He took his paintings and...


Did you know he was leaving?



I can't believe he
would just go like that.

I thought we were just starting
to make sense of his paintings.

I wanted to tell him
what happened in person.


Isaac sketched it for
my dad's 70th birthday.

You know, I've been trying
to get him clean forever.

The one time I need him.

Feels like everybody's
leaving me.

I'm not going anywhere.


He was still in a coma.

And then,
like it was any other day,

he started talking.

He said he'd been flying
all over the world.

But that it was a world
he didn't recognize.

There was so many people
filled with pain.

Nobody looking out
for each other.

He worried for them.

And for me.


Until you told him
everything would be okay.


- What do you mean I told him?
- I know. It doesn't make any sense.

But he said that you
were flying with him.

And you told him it
was all gonna be okay.

That there were people who cared.
Who would make a difference.


That you would save the world.


After that,
he just put his head down and...

He was gone.
Like he was falling asleep.

I never had that conversation
with your father.

But it sounds like
something you would say.

Those messages you left
on my answering machine.

You said you wanted one
of Isaac's paintings.


Because it would help
you save the world.


It's hard to explain.


But if you had that painting...


I could save the world.




- What?
- The painting you want.

I sold it to a guy
named Linderman.

He lives in Las Vegas.


Linderman gave you $4 million,
and you're spending it on postcards.



- I take it I'm supposed to choose.
- Mmm.


- That one.
- Well, that isn't a red flag.

You two agreeing on something.

All right, gonna go to the
office and have this printed up.

Don't you want to hear about how the New York
Journal wants to do a cover story on you?


I've invited Oliver Dennison to come
for family brunch and do an interview.

- You're kidding.
- No, I never kid about family brunch.

That's because we never
have family brunch.

Nathan, this could be great.

I don't know.

Dennison could go
anywhere for a bagel.

He comes here,
he's gonna want something.

Nothing wrong with taking
advantage of an opportunity.



Kids, why don't you go finish that train
set we started this morning, all right?

Take them upstairs.


- I am not gonna use my family for political gain.
- Tell that to Peter.

Nathan, you've been trying to
protect me since this happened.

It's sweet in theory,
but in practice, it's insulting.

- I'm not made of glass.
- I know.


But we don't need this.


Four points behind says we do.

I've been hiding in this
house for the last six months

because your polling was
afraid I'd make you look weak.

But now I can help
by coming forward.

Let me.


You sure about this?


Set it up.

Chef's been cooking
all morning.

Oliver will be here in an hour.


- Then I better get ready.
- Yeah.


Good idea.


Feeling okay, Matt?


Hey, Tommy.
Yeah, I'm, uh...

I'm good.

Come on, buddy. We rode in the
same car together for three years.

I can practically
read your mind.


Dude, I don't know
where to start.

How about we go get a beer?

- Dodger game at 7:00.
- Yeah.

Yeah, I like that. Thanks.

Hey, lady!
Would you look at that!


What's going on?
What are you doing here?

Sylar, he's killed again.

I'll brief you on the
way to the morgue.

Sylar? Who's Sylar?

- I gotta talk to my watch commander.
- Taken care of.

I'll be outside.

Put on some real
person clothes.


Lyle, you better not think
I'm cleaning up after you.

We just got rid of
all those ants.

Such a dork.


Okay, I'm good.


Oh, my...


Oh, my God!

- What are you doing?
- Oh, my God! Claire!

Shut it off!


Lyle, give it to me!

Give it to me!




It's amazing what you can do with
special effects these days, huh?

That was all special effects?


Yeah, what else would it be?




What the hell is
wrong with you?


Lyle, give it to me! Lyle!

Lyle, get back here!

Lyle! Don't let him get away!





Get back here!




Why would you want
to kill him again?

Because he found the tape
and then he stapled me.

Help! Somebody help me!
My sister's a freak!


Found him in a parking
lot in Brentwood.

Name's Robert Fresco,
an oncologist at UCLA medical center.

Okay, so we figure out the M.O.

Well, the M.O.
is there is no M.O.

Sylar's victims are random.

Eight deaths I have no
clue how to explain.

Trust me.
This one's number nine.

Yeah, but there's nothing out
of the ordinary here, right?

Doesn't this guy look like
any other burn victim?

He's putting out 1800
curies of radiation.


Hazmat teams scoured the scene
but didn't find any incendiaries.

No plutonium,
no uranium... Nothing.

They did however
find a fingerprint.

Seared to the bone
like a brand.


Seared to the bone?

We're running it through CODIS.

Now, if we get a match and
we can get close to him,

I'm gonna need you to
get inside his head.

Pick him out of a crowd,
find him in a building...

Right, about that, um...

Lately it's been harder for
me to filter the voices.


hearing what they're
really thinking...

It can be ugly.


What's going on, Matt?


Theodore Sprague. AKA Sylar.

We got you.


So you're just gonna sit there
all day and not say a word, huh?


I want to go home./ Micha I told you,
it's not safe there with your mother.

- Is she dead?
- No.


- She's gonna be fine.
- How do you know?

- Dad, we left her on the floor.
- We didn't have a choice.


Heroes don't run away.

- Micah...
- Bad guys do.

Heroes help people, Dad.


You know what?

- You're a bad guy.
- I'm not a bad guy, all right?


Do you remember when I told you that
six months ago I started
having these bad dreams?

We all have bad dreams, Niki.

I don't think that
they were just dreams.


When they started,
I thought that...

Maybe somebody was
following me or something.


And I would catch
my reflection.


But it wasn't my reflection.


It was another me.


She has a name.


- Jessica.
- Jessica?


When someone tries to hurt me,

- it's like she comes out.
- There is no Jessica.

It's just you.

No, I see her in the mirror.

And she tells me that she
wants to come out again.


The part of me that
needs Micah back


wants to let her do it.


It's just complicated
with your mom and me.

What's up ahead?


Stay there.


Dad, don't!


Get out! Quick!


What has happened?


He'll never get
her out in time.


Lady, you gotta get up!

You gotta get out of there.


You no worry. I help.


- Dad!
- Hiro!


Why couldn't I have
super strength too?








I thought you were dead.
What happened?

I don't know.


We're usually in our pajamas
around the breakfast table.

You can't blame us for
cleaning up for the Journal.

Not when the hollandaise
is made fresh.


- You seem to be adjusting well.
- To the wheelchair?

You can say it, Mr. Dennison.

I lost my right to be sensitive
when I married Nathan.

I'm not saying I didn't have my
darker moments during rehabilitation.

I was angry for a long time.

At your husband?


- Wasn't he driving?
- At God.

But we seem to have
made our peace.


Oh, hello, Peter.


- What's this?
- It's brunch.

- We always have brunch.
- Since when?

Will you excuse me?

Peter, how good to see you.


Nice of you to drop by, Peter.

Whatever this is about,
now is not the time.

Charles Deveaux
died this morning.


- I'm sorry, Were you there?
- No, I wasn't.

I stopped working for him so I could
figure out what was going on with us.

I told you to drop all
this "I'm special" crap.

I can't, all right?
I need your help.

That man out there
is Oliver Dennison.

He's working for the
Journal doing a story on me.

Everything I've worked for is
riding on our family being able

to sit through a single
meal together and smile.

- So I'm not family enough for you now.
- No, you're not.

Not when you're gonna
ruin an election for me.


I need you to get me a painting,
all right? Linderman bought it.

Whoa, whoa...

We're not exactly advertising that
family connection around here.

All right, great. So just get him on
the phone and ask about the painting.

Peter, I'm sorry.

But you're gonna
have to go, okay?

Hey, you know what?

I'm just gonna fly
off the terrace, yeah?

No? Hey, I can fly.

Nathan, so can you.

I'll tell you what.

Why don't we just race around the
Statue of Liberty real quick, huh?

Give this tweedy guy
something to write about.


- You wouldn't.
- Ah?







Nathan gave me an earful
about showing up in cords.


I told him I'm trying
to stay grounded.


Good to have you back.


How'd you get this?
The issue isn't even out yet.

I got it in the future.
It's a story about me.


Um, see...

All the same.


Even same car! Nissan Versa!

I teleported.
New York City. Yataa!

I freeze time too.

Stop the explosion.
Saved your dad!


- Hey, didn't you visit my mom?
- Hmm?

We should get them to a hospital.
Can you drive?

Don't worry. Help is coming.
I call the police.

Time to go, Micah.

Dad, you saved her.
Like a real hero.

Now we can go back
and save Mom.

I wish it were that easy.

Well, it is, Dad.
We just go back.

No, Micah...


It's not.

I'm sorry. We can't go back.


We can never go back.


Come on.


- Bye-bye!
- Take care!


Come on,
you can't stay in there forever!


Then just give me
the damn tape.

I'm gonna put this thing on YouTube.
Make, like, a million bucks.

- YouTube's free, you idiot.
- You're not helping.


Lyle, no one can see
what's on that tape.

Are you an alien or something?
Is he an alien too?

Yeah, yeah. We're gonna...
We're gonna anal probe you!

Zach! Stop scaring him.

I'm not coming out until
Mom and Dad get home.

No, no, no.
You cannot tell them.

Lyle, please.

- They cannot find out about this.
- Why not?

Don't you get it?
If they found out,

Mom and Dad would think it was
a mistake to ever adopt me.


We wouldn't be a
family anymore.




- Thank you.
- Whatever.




Wait a minute.

Wait a second.
We're going in here without backup?

No one even knows we're here,
do they?

What is this all
about with you?

You in my head, Parkman?

No, I'm just...
I'm asking a question.


It's about Sylar.

I'm not letting him
get away this time.


I'm taking him down.


Something's burning.

- Radiation?
- Curie levels are safe.


What the hell is this?



Hang on,
I'm getting some spikes.




Check this out.


Their faces are all burned off.


What the hell happened in here?


1800 curies of radiation.

Come on, let's get out of here.


Of course I'm gonna
vote for Nathan.

If Nathan
takes care of the people

half as much as he takes
care of his brother,

it's gonna be an
interesting city.

- Pretty special family.
- You have no idea.


This is all very inspiring.


I was surprised to learn the Linderman
Group recently invested in your campaign.

I don't know why you'd be surprised.
Mr. Linderman was a good friend of my father's.

So you don't deny going to Las Vegas
to meet with a reputed mobster.


Is that why you're here?

I spoke with a former member
of your security detail.

It seems there was
a bit of a scare.

You disappeared from the
casino for several hours.

And there was a
blonde involved.


It's all right, Nathan.


You can tell him.


- Right, um...
- Look, um...

I'm sure that you've recently heard about
my mental health issues.

I quit my job because of it.

My brother basically
saved my life.

And he's convinced me to
get the help that I needed.

There's a private
clinic outside Vegas.

Nathan went,spoke to a doctor...
A woman doctor.

I made him promise that
no one would know.

Not even the family.

But I just don't
care who knows anymore. Okay?


I didn't want to say anything
until I cleared it with you.


That's Nathan.

You know,
right in the middle of an election,

he still has time to help out
his messed-up little brother.

Oh, well...


What's this?

- They counteract radiation poisoning.
- Oh, thanks.


One second.


Who keeps calling you?


Uh, nobody. It's my wife.

Since when is your wife nobody?

Listen, I don't think
this guy's Sylar.

Yeah? Well, we'll see.

Look what I found
in the bedroom.

Look at this. Methotrexate.
This is chemotherapy in a pill.

This is prescribed to Karen
Sprague and it's current.

- She has cancer?
- Check out the doctor on the label.

- Dr. Robert Fresco...
- Right.

- The oncologist.
- Mmh.


Karen Sprague's room?


Take it easy, Ted.

We just want to ask
you some questions.

I didn't mean to kill him.

Dr. Fresco said there was
nothing he could do to save her.

I tried to convince him,
you know?

There must be something
else that he could do.



And we argued.


And I lost control.

We can talk about
this downtown.


- Hey, let her go.
- If you let me stay with my wife.

No, you let her go or I shoot.

Do you have any idea what
would happen if you did that?

Because I don't.
Maybe I'll explode.

Maybe I'll take out
this whole hospital.

Maybll wipe out this city
like an atomic bomb.

- Just leave me alone!
- We can't do that!

Stop, Teddy, stop!


Karen wants you to stop.

- How could you say that?
- She says you need to listen.

Ted, you never listen.
You're too damn stubborn.

But you're still
her teddy bear.

Gimme a break.
You think you can hear her?

He's telling the truth, Ted.
Listen to him.


What's she saying?


She's saying she...


She doesn't blame you...

For all the pain and the worry.


She's saying it's
not your fault, Ted.

She shouldn't be here.

It's not fair.

She's saying it never is.

She said that was
the best date.

The picnic on the beach.
And it poured sheets and sheets of rain.

We sat in my car...


And listened to the whole
American Beauty album.

She remembers it all.


She always will.


What's she saying now?


Hi, this is Niki
Sanders from Las Vegas.


I need your help.

I know that I'm probably the last
person that you want to talk to.

You should not have
called me here.

I know that I have no right to.

But I need your help.


My husband took my son.


I have nowhere else to go.

I'm sorry. I can't help you.

You have the wrong number.

- Hi, Hon.
- Hi.

- Where are the boys?
- In the play room.


- Do you still love me, Nathan?
- Of course I do.

I know what this chair
means to us as a couple.

But I need you to know that
I'm going to walk again.

The doctors say
it's a long shot.

But I can do it if
I have a reason.


We just need some hope, Nathan,

that our life can be like it was.


What Peter said

about you checking out a
clinic for him with a doctor.

Tell me that's what happened.


If you say it is...


I'll believe you.


Just give me some hope.

It's true.


Come on.


- I'm gonna get the kids ready for bed.
- Okay.


What the hell happened?


You should just...
You should just go.

Niki, what is going on here?
Are you okay?

I said that you can go now.

It's me.

I'm just trying to help you out,
girl, okay?

She doesn't need
your help anymore.



- Hey.
- Hey.

So they're gonna run Sprague
through decontamination.

And then put him in a special
holding tank downtown.

How'd he cause all that
damage with his bare hands?

How do you hear what
people are thinking?


You did a great job in there.

Well, the guy was losing his wife.
He just wanted to talk to her,
say goodbye.

You talk to your own wife yet?

You've been dodging
her call all day.


Well, I'm gonna head downtown,
cover Sprague's processing./ Right.


Hey, it's me. I actually thought
you might be home by now.

I'm calling just to...

talk, um...


Look, I had this stupid
idea in my head that...

that I'm losing you.

And I...


I just...

I can't help but have
the feeling that

there's something
you're not telling me.

And I don't want us to
live with any regret.


Or blame.

I don't know. I guess I'm just
afraid of things
going unsaid.


I love you.



And I just wanted
to tell you that.


You don't have to call me back.
I'll see you later tonight.


Yes, Mr. Linderman.

It seems my brother's developed some
sort of emotional attachment to this painting.


I don't know what'll happen
to him if he doesn't get it.

But I'd rather not find out.

Directly to the gallery.

Mr. Linderman, I appreciate it.

Good night.


You need to tell
Heidi the truth.




She doesn't need the truth.
She needs hope.

- What, is that some kind of excuse?
- I'm not saying what I did was right.

That girl in Vegas...
I just needed to be with someone who...

didn't make me feel guilty
every time I looked at her.


Did you...
Did you talk to Linderman?

- Yeah. Sit down.
- And?


He's not gonna let it go.


Hey, come on. Just let it go.

- It's just a painting.
- It's more than that, Nathan.

This is about what's
going on with us.

All right, this...

This painting is the key.

With this thing,
we can make a difference.

I'm trying to make a difference,
Peter, the best way I know how.

Flying around,
how is that going to help anybody?

What is that gonna...
What am I gonna do when I get there?

I don't have a gun. I don't have
a badge. I don't know karate.

I guess I could put on a costume and
fly around and pull cats out of trees.

How's that gonna
make a difference?

You're not gonna
know until you try.

I'm sorry about the painting.


Listen, something else
happened in Vegas that I...


These two guys,

they tried to pull me out
of my hotel room. They did.

It was like a, um...


A kidnapping attempt
or something.

- How'd you get away?
- I flew.

So who were they?/ The one who did all
the talking had these horn-rimmed glasses.

The other guy was a spooky euro dude.
He didn't say a word.

Son of a bitch.
You really expect me to believe that?



- I'm not lying to you.
- No?

No. Think about it.

What would people do if they
knew what we were capable of?

They'd lock us up and
they'd throw away the key.

Now who sounds crazy?


Be careful.




Someone had a good day.

It's all over the station.
FBI bust, Homeland Security collar...

- Congrats, buddy.
- Thanks, man.


It really wasn't
anything, though.

It must've been something.

Your FBI girlfriend just put in a request
for you to retake the detective's exam

as a series of interviews.

- Can't blame it on the dyslexia this time.
- Wait a second...

Interviews? I didn't even
know that was an option.

She's FBI.
She pulled some strings.

And you are gonna pass it,
no problem.


Thanks, man.





I'm nailing you wife,
and she is so fine... So fine...


- Hey, you still want to grab that drink?
- Son of a bitch!


You do not choose your destiny.

It chooses you.

And those who knew you before
fate took you by the hand

cannot understand the depth
of the changes inside.


Out of Order




자막제작 - 네이트 드라마 24 자유제작


- Yeah?
- Mom.


Hey, baby, I've been worried.

- You okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine.

- Are you?
- I'm good.

Are you with your
dad right now?

Uh, yeah.
I just got out for one minute.


- Mom, is this really you?
- Tell me where you are, baby.


Just put my mom on the phone.

Your mom's not here right now.

And she's not coming back until
I take care of a few things.


So, why don't you tell
me where you are.

I'll come get you
and bring you home.

Your mom needs you.

I'm in a little motel.
It's right off the Interstate 14.

It's called the
Littlefield Motel.


You talking to your mom?

No. No,
I'm just goofing around.


Come on.
We got some driving to do.

They cannot fathom how much you stand to lose in failure.


But you are the instrument
of a flawless design.

And all of life may
hang in the balance.

A hero learns quickly
who can comprehend

and who merely
stands in your way.

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Subtitles Made By The Bloc Team



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